LED Canada Lights is a manufacturer and distributor of energy efficient and maintenance free lighting products. We provide a turn key solution  for customers wanting to convert their lighting to LED system. We remove and dispose old light bulbs, and install new LED lights into exsting light fixture.

We are retrofitting to LEDs, all types of indoor and outdoor light fixtures. This includes but it is not limited to: wall wash, flood light or wall pack fixtures, decorative street or parking pole lights, canopy or garage light fixtures and also high bay or low bay light fixtures in warehouses or manufacturing locations.

LED Canada Lights is a company which offers custom made retrofit kits to convert virtually any existing commercial or industrial light fixture to energy efficient solid state lighting – LED, by replacing only the light bulb and the ballast.
These kits are the easiest and most cost effective solution for replacing your existing high cost & high maintenance installations. Our customers have the opportunity to customize their choices and select the exact color temperature of the LED lights prior to manufacturing. Our retrofit kits are tailored to satisfy customer needs.

Our office is located in Burlington, Ontario and we service customers from the east to west coast of Canada, and Central USA. Our services are provided directly through us or by our distributors and electrical supply stores.

What are the benefits of LED Lights ?

Our LED Lights save you up to 80% of energy when compared to other light sources, and don’t require maintenance.
Implementation of our products helps to reduce emission of greenhouse gases.                                                    Our products are completely recyclable and don’t contain mercury or lead.
The life expectancy for all of our industrial LED products is 100 000 hours. This converts to more than 11 years of continues operation                                                                                                                                                               LED lights qualify for the incentive programs sponsored by the provincial and federal government agencies and energy providers. Significant portion of your investment can be covered by such programs.
Our products provide a reasonable return on investment for the client, and we can finance the project so there is no up-front cost.

  • Save up to 80% on energy costs
  • Save on maintenance costs (LED lights last for 11 years if they are used 24/7, and don’t need to be replaced).
  • LED lights don’t attract insects which is important in outdoor areas where mosquitoes are present.
  • LED lights turn on instantly.
  • Our LED Lighting system is a capital asset which increases the value of the building.
  • Where surveillance systems or CCTV is in place the picture quality is improved due to better color rendering index.
  • The Ontario Power Authority also provides incentive programs that can help you save up to 40% on LED lights.
  • LED lights don’t generate heat which can significantly reduce the cost of air conditioning.

What is the LED retrofit about ?

  • It is a modification of the existing light fixture, it is just like replacing the light bulb.
  • The housing of the fixture remains the same, but the components inside are replaced.

Why retrofit is a better choice ?

  •  Retrofit is a less expensive solution
  • Retrofit allows you to use the same fixture.
  • The cost of replacing a retrofitted fixture is lower than the standard LED fixture due to the modular construction – LED source is separate from the fixture.
  • The fixture style can be changed at any time without significant costs.
  • It is the true Eco-Friendly solution.
  • It is easy to upgrade at a lower cost.

 What are the maintenance savings when using LED’s ?

  • No bulb replacement for 11 years.

Standard lights need to be replaced every 2 years. This may also force operators to hire an electrician costing you thousands of dollars. LED lights can save on maintenance of any lighting system.

  • No ballast replacement for 11 years.

The ballasts on all industrial lights need to be replaced every three years. Ballast replacements are difficult to perform and require a licensed electrician which increases the service price. LED lights are mainteance free solution for parking lots or multi level parking garages.

  • No lens burn mark or heat damage to the fixture.

LED lights don’t heat up. This prevents the lens from getting burned, and allows it to stay clean. 

LED’s don’t attract insects.

This prevents bugs from getting inside the fixture, and stops you from doing unnecessary clean-up of the inside.

  • 5 Year warranty for all parts and labor.

5 years of no lighting expenses.

Why chose us ?

  • You are dealing directly with the manufacturer.
  • We provide the turn key solution for all your lighting needs — we sell, install and maintain the lights for you, during the warranty period.
  • Your manufacturer warranty is supported by our local offices. There is no unnecessary shipping and handling of warranty returns.
  • We provide assistance to help you complete the forms for the incentive programs.
  • Unlike other energy consulting companies, our   solution is the best for the client not the most profitable for us.
  • We can finance your upgrade so there is no up front cost.

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